Online Screenwriting Classes
Ever had a great idea for a movie or TV show –
but didn’t know how to write a screenplay?  
Or maybe you’ve written a script that still needs some work.
Perhaps you should enroll in my online classes. 
The four-week intensive study includes:
The nuts and bolts of the craft
Proper screenplay format
How the biz works
How to get an agent
Insider tips
Three-act story structure
Building three-dimensional characters
Writing great dialogue
Writing for TV
How to pitch
Theme, tone and pacing
Creating a logline that gets attention
How to write a great query letter
What’s selling in Hollywood – and what’s not
A daily ‘story from the trenches’ essay
In-depth case studies of the screenplays of my favorite films
120 daily articles and 20 weekly essays, yours to keep.  Culled from dozens of books, magazines and written by me based on my experiences during my twenty-five years the entertainment industry. 
Every week I’ll give you writing exercises that I’ll critique during a weekly 45-minute conference call, during which you can also ask me anything you want about the biz. That’s three hours on the phone with a Hollywood pro. That alone is worth the price of admission.
The program is tailored specifically for you.  First we’ll discuss what you want to achieve, and then I’ll guide you through the process.  So, even if you’re a complete beginner, there’s nothing to fear.  And if you’re a little more advanced and have already written a script, I’ll give you friendly notes and guide you further into the process of creating something that sells. And if it’s commercially viable, I’ll even help you try and sell it.
Fans of my work include the producers of THE LORD OF THE RINGS, BLADE RUNNER, GRAN TORINO and GAME OF THRONES. Over the years I've worked in various capacities at New Line Cinema, Disney, Warner Bros. and MTV.  I've got a series in development at Showtime and my films have played the festival circuit, winning several awards and can now be streamed on Amazon and Netflix.  My horror/comedy was just optioned and my latest streaming/cable pilot is now out to networks with a director attached and the script out to talent.   I’ve written or rewritten 30 features, 6 TV pilots and 8 short films.  Needless to say, I know the craft -- and the biz.
Affordable, fun, and you don't have to even leave your house.  All for the reasonable price of $375 for the four-week program.
And it’s gloriously low-tech.  No confusing video software to download or websites to bookmark with passwords to remember.  All you need is email and a phone. 
Here’s a couple of testimonials from my students:
‘Carole Parker won’t try to sell you a “screenwriting bible,” but she’ll damn sure verse you in the essentials of screenwriting. She’s got a treasure chest of useful information and helpful exercises on everything from originating concepts and developing ideas through marketing yourself. Whether you’re trying to figure out if you’ve got the creative mettle to be a writer, or you’ve written that first screenplay and need a pro’s feedback, Carole is an invaluable resource.’
‘Not only did I learn a ton about screenwriting for film and TV and how the business works, I really enjoyed talking to Carole every week. She’s a lot of fun and let me ask her anything I wanted to and it was amazing to hear her behind-the-scenes stories.  In fact, it worked out so well, she’s continuing to mentor me while I work on my first screenplay.’
Send me an email at [email protected] if you have any questions or want to sign up.   I only take five students at  a time, so space is available, first come, first served.
Act now. Don’t delay.  Operators are awaiting your call.
(Oscar statutettes sold separately.)