Writing Services
I’m a professional screenwriter with eighteen years experience and twenty-six features, six pilots and eight shorts under my belt.  Sometimes when I’m between gigs, I offer my services. 
My films have played festivals and won awards.  I’ve written thrillers, dramas, comedies, horror films and more, and would love to help you live your dream -- so no matter what you come to me with – a book, treatment, outline, or just that great idea you have in your head, let’s talk. 
I also offer mentoring, in which I can walk you through the steps involved in writing a screenplay.  And I also offer an eight-week online class that’s proved to be very popular.
So why hire me?
I’ve written twenty-six features, six TV pilots and a seven short films.  My first film won the audience award at the Seattle Film Festival.  I have a drama pilot currently in development at Showtime.  And I just finished adapting for the screen a fantasy novel that’s in development with the producer of THE LORD OF THE RINGS.
I’ve worked in the biz at various networks, studios and production companies for twenty years.  I know what they’re looking for, and what sells.
And I won’t abandon you once the work is done.  I’ll help send it out to the movers and shakers in Hollywood.  I can’t promise anything, but my connections are worth their weight in gold.
This is a rare opportunity to hire a professional screenwriter.  I work fast, I’m fun to work with, and I’d love the chance to help you live your dream.